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Our Probiotic products are the Original EM Technology ® developed by Dr. Higa.


For the 16.9 oz/500 ML bottles of EM® Food Grade Probiotic Supplement:

Pro EM-1® Probiotic Liquid



For the 16.9oz/500 ML bottles of the immune boosting extract:

EM-X Gold® Health Drink




For the Liter or Gallons of Probiotics:

EM·1® Microbial Inoculant


For customers who used our product for cleaning, odors, pets or agriculture - This 1 product that does it all!


Doctor Recommended

As a physician working with tons of patients I have such appreciation for the health benefits of Mighty Microbes, and we make sure all our patients know about it as it is fundamental to good health. I must mention also we especially appreciate Mighty Microbes when it comes to our patients with digestive issues. This product has been instrumental in healing for people with severe problems like irritable bowel and colitis. It is a must for such a person. As always we appreciate your company and hope the word goes out across this great country, keep up your good work! "

—Dr. Conrad G. Maulfair, Osteopathic Physician,

Super Organic Probiotics

Mighty Microbes is the home of a series of organic products that contain special Microorganisms. These miraculous microbes are a super probiotic that have powerful applications for Natural Health, Personal Care, Home & Garden and Agriculture.

Did you know that the lead microbe in the products that we sell – the powerful phototropic microbe – has been around the planet since before there was oxygen, about 4 billion years? And with no oxygen available, it consumed what was in the environment – toxins like carbon dioxide, ammonia, and hydrogen sulfide… and does.

Think about it, a microorganism that consumes toxins and pollutants and then like an environmental magic maker, gives off anti-oxidants, vitamins, amino acids and other life-enhancing elements.

Truly amazing.

You won’t find other probiotics that have found a way to integrate this toxic eating microbe into the mix. That is part of the miracle of our probiotic products.

It’s in our probiotic drinks, our composters and even in the ceramics that have the mighty microbes baked right into them. That's right. These guys retain their life and vitality even after being baked into ceramics (of course, if you "grew up" in a lava bath, a modern oven is no big deal).

Our ceramics are based on the combination of a revolutionary firing process and the power of the efficient microbes, which emit far-infrared energy. This energy restructures the molecules of liquids, makes them smaller, and in that way increases the hydration of the skin, stimulates circulation and facilitates detoxification. They can be used in drinking water, bath water, or worn as necklaces or bracelets.
Order Today. May your life never be the same.

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