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Mighty Microbes Probiotics Blog

We hope you enjoy our helpful resources of information regarding Probiotics, vitamins and health related topics.

How Probiotics Are Helpful For Your Health

Bacteria have a reputation for causing diseases, so the idea swallowing a few billions a day for the sake of your health might seem literally hard to swallow. However, an increasing body of scientific evidence suggests that you can prevent and even treat some diseases with foods and supplements containing some types of bacteria. Northern Europeans, for instance, take a lot of these beneficial bacteria, known as probiotics because of their tradition of taking foods fermented with bacteria, for example yoghurt.

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Probiotics and GI Health

Probiotics are defined as "friendly" bacteria that provide specific benefits when consumed as food or supplements. Most of these bacteria reside in the colon, where they carry out various beneficial metabolic processes.  These bacteria support fermentation of carbohydrates such as cellulose, pectin and starches, producing energy from otherwise indigestible substances.

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Treating Animals with Probiotics

Cats and dogs whose diets consist mainly of dry food can be getting too much carbohydrates, which converts to sugar and gives the perfect environment for the wrong bacteria to thrive in the intestines. For horses, diets high in raw grains lead to an overload of the small intestine and undigested food ends up in the caecum. When grain ferments in the caecum, it yields lactic acid, ammonia, gas and heat which upsets the normal balance of the beneficial micro-organisms.

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