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Client Success Stories

"As a physician working with tons of patients I have such appreciation for the health benefits of Mighty Microbes and we make sure all our patients know about it as it is fundemental to good health.  I must mention also we especially appreciate Mighty Microbes when it comes to our patients with digestive issues.  This product has been instumental in helping people with severe problems like irritable bowel and colitis.  It is a must for such a person.  As always we appreciate your company and hope the word goes out across this great country, keep up your good work! " —Dr. Conrad G. Maulfair, Osteopathic Physician


" I use the ceramic K and the ceramic S.  There seems to be some confusion as to which ones are which and what they are used for and how to use them.  I see them named differently on other web sites which increases the confusion. I wish more people understood the many and varied uses for these.  I’ve not been without them since I discovered them.  I am now an addict about having them since they impact so many aspects of my own health and the well being of my aquarium fish members.

Drinking water, fish aquarium tanks, and even clean toilet tanks.  I use the ceramic pellets, both white (ceramic K) and tan (ceramic S and Z).  One is the forever kind (white, ceramic K) that last as long as they exist and they help alkaline the water as well as energize the water.  I use the forever kind in my glass gallon containers for water.  I put one bag in per gallon and it neutralizes the chlorine and helps create energy. I have a good quality water filter and these pellets improve the water quality beyond what my water filter can do.  I let the water sit with the pellets 15 minutes and then I can use it after that.  All the water I drink or use for tea is done this way.  I also use these pellets for my fish tank and the toilet tanks.  It helps keep the toilet tanks free of bacteria and clean; when you open the lid the tank is clean and easy to replace parts rather than the usual problem of bacteria.

The fish tank— I find the fish love these; they have increased life and increased energy with these pellets.  The tan/pink pellets  help their energy as well as neutralize the ammonia that could be in the tank; these pellets last 6 months to a year but I take them out after 6 months just to insure the fish get the best response from them as possible. I keep the tan/pink (ceramic S or Z) at each end of the tank so I can find them easily to remove after they are used up.    The trauma in going from the pet shop aquarium to home is a big stress factor for them so these ceramic pellets help change that and increase their survival rate during that critical adjustment timeframe.  Once  they have been in the tank with these pellets that changes very quickly.  They can now swim from one end of the tank to the other in rocket time and swim to the top and down in jet speed time as well.  It is rather fun to see this change in them as they discover their new found energy.  They eat better and just have the energy to do whatever they like and are far happier I suspect.  We all enjoy increased energy including fish. I have one cory fish that just loves to camp on these pellets during his resting period; the smaller platy’s that are still growing up do the same. It seems to be a favorite spot for all the fish where I have the tan/pink pellets.  I generally do not lose fish especially new ones once they get into the tank with these pellets.  I have nothing but praise for them.  I will note that when the tan/pink pellets are used up I just bury them in my flower garden in the spring so they can be absorbed into the soil.  I have a very successful flower garden where these pellets are dumped each timeframe. They are incredible.  All of the ceramic pellets can be used for human use such as the water cleaning and energy enhancement.  The fish tank enhancement is wonderful. Changing out a part in the toilet tank is no longer an ugh experience as the water is clean and so is the tank.  One person who changed out a part for me one time said I had the cleanest toilet tank he had ever seen.  He was really impressed.

Once you start using these ceramic pellets you will not be without them." —Corinne C., Missouri


"Our family uses the Mighty Microbes Bokashi product which we found out about originally through a Japanese acquaintance. Bokashi composting has been extremely successful for our family of four (including two teenage boys who eat a lot of meat). Believe it or not, we only have two small brown grocery bags of garbage each week because we no longer have any food waste and also recycle paper, cans, bottles, etc. We use Boakshi compost treated soil in our garden with great results.  In short, we love Bokashi composting!" —Kitty D.


"Mighty Microbes product EM-1® is amazing! I use it as an air freshener and it completely eliminates the odors in my home. I use it in the Bathroom, Kitchen, to get rid of Pet smells and trash odors. I love that it is All Natural and doesn't leave a chemical residue like traditional air fresheners, which cause allergic reactions.

I highly recommend it to everyone!!"

Thank you Mighty! —Valerie J.

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